5 illustrators that portrait the relationship with our furry friends

All animal lovers and especially the lucky ones who live with a furry friend in the family, share situations that are repeated in our daily life. From the interaction with people who do not understand the owner-dog bond, to the small daily gestures with our furry ones that make us love them even more if possible. There are many illustrations that perfectly represent these realities in a fun or emotional way. Here we leave a small compilation:

We can not choose only one of the representations by the illustrator Yaoyao Ma Van As. This artist portrays, in a precious way and with great sensitivity, the relationship and understanding between a furry pet and its owner in everyday situations and simple moments, such as getting home, keeping each other’s company or walking. It perfectly reflects the magic that arises when that bond with your furry friend exists.

@modernadepueblo openly tells us how the person that animal lovers could not fall in love with would be. It is likely that you have experienced it and that you instantly lost interest in this person. The grim reality of the anticrush.

El gato de Simon is not doing too badly. Simon Tofield started a YouTube channel in 2007 and since then he has not stopped growing on the Internet. It has the support of many cat fans and has nine books that are sold in 27 countries. His cartoons show the world of his kitten and what he does in his spare time. We know that in the world there are two kinds of people: people who love cats and people without hearts. If you have or have had a feline at home, you know what it means to live with them: the hairs on your clothes, watching them sleep all day, listening to their meows at night … This illustrator will bring great moments to your memory.

Gemma Gené has been proclaiming her love for her pug Mochi for years. It represents with a touch of humor the daily life that she lives with her puppy, and constantly receives messages from people who, when they see it, identify themselves 100%. In the spring of 2018 she launched her first book “Mi vida con Mochi”.

Illustrator Erez Zadok always captures in a fun way his family life with his wife, his baby and his dog Joya, in a series of routine situations that you can relate to. Some are at the time of the shower, working while caressing her, when she fills the air with farts or when sleeping next to her in winter.

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