Among the top 10 brands

Each dog is a being in itself with its own tastes and needs, also from a nutritional point of view. So it is very important to find the best food for the needs of our furry friend and as we know, it is not always easy to find a good feed at first.

After real tests based on the opinions and criticisms of expert scientists and after analyzing the nutrient content, Petadvisor Italia has valued our feed within its worldwide TOP 10 of feed for adult dogs.

Petadvisor is a blog founded and written by trainers and experts in the animal world. It specializes in advising and discussing animal welfare, as well as evaluating animal accessories or feed. It is an independent platform that is neither a seller nor a distributor. The articles they write are results of their own tests and conclusions.

We reached the number 7 position in its top 10 thanks to Bravery meeting the standards of the European pet food industry, which declares that dog food can be considered of good quality when it is:

  • Complete: It provides all nutrients and in adequate amounts.
  • Balanced: Nutrients are present in the correct proportion.
  • Digestible: Food is easily absorbed by the animal’s body.
  • Attractive: It has a good smell and taste that are pleasant to the animal.
  • Safe: It should not contain anything that could harm their health.

According to their assessment: “Bravery is a little known brand, as it is difficult to find in physical stores, but it offers one of the best value for money.

This dog food is available in various sizes and flavours, contains no cereals and uses meat as the first ingredient. What is really appreciated in its formulation is the use of tapioca as a source of carbohydrates, which lends itself well even in the case of slightly sensitive animals.

Another very special ingredient is yeast which, being an Essene rich in B vitamins and proteins, has a high nutritional value. In addition, these feeds contain microorganisms in yeast that can promote intestinal functions and help the immune system. ”

Bravery is a range of dry foods for dogs and cats. It is a cereal-free product, monoproteinic, with meat always as the first ingredient, only with antioxidants, hypoallergenic and with 100% natural products. With this combination, we obtain a diet as similar to what your dog or cat could get in the wild. You can access our online store here.

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