Are you able to understand your dog?

Those of us who have been very lucky in life to live with furry companions know how smart they are and how much they can surprise us. Our four-legged friends manage to understand many of the things we say to them and although they cannot communicate with us with words, they often make their understanding clear through their body language. Many of us feel that special connection with them that makes us understand each other perfectly and know what they need at all times.

For example, according to certain IQ tests performed on dogs, they can have similar levels to those of a two-year-old child. It was shown that dogs can learn up to 250 words and can obtain basic arithmetic concepts. The level of intelligence they can reach depends on their breed, but by training them, all dogs can achieve very good results.

There are many striking examples, our favourite being the one we found in the Hunger4words Instagram account. In this profile, we can see how the owner of a beautiful dog named Stella, has taught her furry friend to use buttons that reproduce words. This smart pet is able to press the buttons to convey exactly what she wants and recognizes the meaning of the words. So we can see how she is able to ask for her collar to be put on for a walk or when she wants to play. We invite you to take a look at these curious videos by clicking here.

Nor can we forget those furry friends who perform human assistance tasks, such as guide dogs, rescuers or police dogs. Guide dogs, for example, can recognize the dangers their owners face every day and are able to guide them through the streets so that they do not have any mishaps. Others, such as rescue dogs, have proven to be of enormous help in situations of risk or natural disasters, such as earthquakes or tsunamis.

Without a doubt, our furry friends have amply demonstrated their intelligence, but to make the best of them, we must take care of them and appreciate their abilities as they deserve.

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