Cruelty Cutter, secure your purchase without animal abuse

It is difficult to rely on the procedures that certain brands and companies carry out to verify that their products are suitable and adequate for human consumption. Because of this, many brands test their products on animals, which is cruelty and abuse towards our dear furry friends who sadly, in many cases, are used as lab rats.

The non-profit association Beagle Freedom Project has created an app to detect these brands of cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. that are tested on animals and thus be able to avoid them. Cruelty-Cutter is an application that helps all your purchases be made without any kind of animal cruelty in an easy, simple and didactic way.

How does the app work?

The app is very easy to use, just start it and, with the camera, scan the product code to be purchased so that we immediately receive information about the company that manufactures it and so we can make a responsible and consistent purchase.

In the event that that particular product is tested on animals, the application itself allows sharing the information to generate collective awareness in social networks, and thus there is more access to the information, and each person can know the information and decide if they buy certain brand. 

With this app we ensure that we buy products that have not been tested on animals and also generate knowledge of the brands that do. Thus we can stop the use of this type of products and emphasize how important it is that brands respect this today and in the future, rewarding them with our purchases, since it is important as consumers that companies are respectful of animals, it is a brand value that we as consumers cannot skip morally.

Little by little we will ensure that these companies are aware of how important it is for their consumers that their products are not tested on animals. Let’s bet on a better, responsible and respectful world of our beloved furry friends.

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