How to prevent your dog from getting dizzy in the car?

Weekend getaways, holidays or simply taking your dog to the vet can be a bit stressful if they get sick every time they climb in the car, and it is almost inevitable that your furry friend will occasionally travel on this means of transport. The car is the most frequent vehicle and, if you are one of those who always takes their furry friend with you, it is important to make them get used to it and help them feel comfortable. Here are some tips to prevent them from getting sick in the car and be able to enjoy any journey together.

The reasons why they get sick can be physical. For example, when they are puppies, their balance is not yet 100% developed, and that is when you have to start taking some measures to prevent the problem from getting bigger. It is more common to occur in puppies than in adult dogs. They may also experience dizziness due to emotional problems such as anxiety to be in this space.

Some tend to feel fear when getting into the car, it causes them restlessness, discomfort, they even vomit. Getting them used to traveling when they are puppies will help take away their fears by learning that it is a safe space. You have to turn the trip into a moment of well-being for them, but how do you achieve that?

  • Transmit security

Dogs perceive our emotions, for which we have to be calm and not get nervous behind the wheel. We must be patient and avoid spreading our nerves and/or stress. It is a safe area and they have to be aware of it.

  • Make the space familiar to them

To show them that it is a friendly place and to prevent them from seeing it as an unknown space, days before our trip, we recommend going every day with them to where the vehicle is, to recognize the path. Once there and with the car parked, let them sniff whatever they want, get close to it and even get in the car for themselves.

  • Enable a comfortable space to travel.

The most frequent option chosen by the owners is the kennel, but it must meet a series of requirements: safety guarantee and the right size for your furry friend, enough so that they can lie down as they please. Another option is to let them loose in an area where the movement does not feel rough. As an alternative to transport, in recent years a safety belt for dogs has been marketed.

  • Stop to rest

On long journeys, stop the car every two or three hours at least to take a walk, so that the dogs stretch their legs well, relieve themselves and breathe some fresh air, so that they get a little tired and do the rest of the trip much more relaxed.

  • Small fast to avoid vomiting

Do not feed your dog a couple of hours before the trip. If they travel with a full stomach they will have more chances of vomiting.

Finally, we always recommend that if you have any questions, consult your veterinarian, they may prescribe some specific medication for sickness, producing muscle relaxation and avoiding anxiety.

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