How would your cat decorate your home?

Our furry kittens are our family, we live and share our space and our belongings with them. Have you ever thought about how your cat would decorate your house?

Our home is their home too, therefore, all the furniture we buy, or each piece of decor matters to them because they will interact daily with these objects. We have to take into account how our pet cats will react to certain textures, how they will play, or if they can damage them with their nails or feel rejected by them.

From BRAVERY, we are very much in favor of designers or certain brands making furniture to improve the well-being of our dear furry friends in a creative way. It is essential for their well-being that they feel comfortable in their own home, the space where they spend more time.

Next, we will show you a series of fun furniture so you can take ideas, apart from being design furniture that help improve the aesthetics of your home, its purpose is to be enjoyed together: both by your cats interacting with them and by you watching them do it.

1. Neko Modern Cat Tree

Designer Yoh Komiyama began by wondering if it would be possible to design recreational furniture for cats that fitted well with architectural modernism or even art museums. 

This luxury product covered in natural wood offers a private space for the cat while serving as a decorative interior object that adapts perfectly to its surroundings. The spaces between each cylinder maintain a furtive connection between cat and humans. The Greek marble used for the base not only helps the cat regulate body temperature more effectively, but also provides a low center of gravity to stabilize the tree.

2. Radiator bed

It is a sturdy bamboo bed to keep your cat warm during the winter. Take advantage of an area that your house already has to make your cat happy. User opinions say that an 8Kg cat fits without a problem. The wooden deck is a mat with a very resistant velcro, it is fully adjustable to choose at the height of the central hole. The interior is a soft and smooth mattress. Suitable for most radiators.

3. Katris Kat

It is the ideal furniture for lovers of the classic tetris game. It is undoubtedly one of the most fun on the list and offers a variety of combinations to adapt to the place in your home that you want to decorate. A great advantage of this product are its multiple purposes. Since in addition to integrating itself perfectly with the rest of your home furniture, it gives you the opportunity to get creative and build your own custom furniture with 5 different blocks, you can create book shelves, a scraper and a cat climber, or even a table for the living room.

Each KATRIS block is made of more than 200 sheets of high strength cardboard. Users say that it holds the weight easily and that it shows fewer signs of wear over time than most cat scrapers on the market. It is also made with top quality cardboard, 100% natural recyclable paper material, joined by SGS-certified non-toxic glue throughout the assembly process to ensure it is safe for cats.

4. Bridge shelf

It is a suspension bridge that is attached to the wall. It has two shelves at each end, and is one of the pieces of furniture that cats enjoy the most, as we already know that they like heights. Enjoy yourself also watching your cat have a great time walking over your head without stopping. It is made of birch wood and consists of 8 steps connected with jute rope, long. It covers about 145-160 cm, depending on how tense it is. It can be shortened by removing some tables.

5. Retro Box Bedside table

If you do not like to be separated from your cat even to sleep, and they love it too, we have the solution to keep them close but without bothering each other when moving. The Retro Box is a beautiful and elegant cat bed. It is a cozy place to play and sleep, and also a great hiding place for the shyest cats. Its modern design makes it very well integrated in the room.

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