Initiation manual: Puppy #Welcometothefamily

When our new best friend comes into our life we ​​will have several questions to solve. Of course it is a new situation for us and we have to be prepared, but above all we must be very willing to take care of and pamper our little hairy friend. Once you get home and you have welcomed them properly, with a lot of love, and they will become part of the family. A long and fun path awaits us together. The first thing to do when you get home is to find them a place for daily life, although the first few nights we recommend that it be close to you, because being separated from their mother, those nights will be somewhat difficult.

Then visit the vet, pay attention to everything he says, ask the questions you need to know. He will give you the advice you need about diet, parasite prevention and general care. Once you have given your puppy all the obligatory vaccines, you can start to take it out for walks. The vaccination process usually ends at 3 and 4 months of age.

Bath time can be a lot of fun or very complicated. When they are puppies, you should never bathe them before a month and a half, and even up to two months of life. In addition you always have to use a special shampoo for puppies. When they becomes adults, it is not advisable to bathe your furry friend more than once a month. If you brush them daily, they will stay clean.

We could say that playing in the puppy’s life is fundamental, a couple of times a day is ideal. In addition, it offers great opportunities for socialization and to teach them the basic principles of obedience in a fun way. It also keeps them in shape and is beneficial to their health.

Last but not least, feeding them. It is convenient to distribute the food three times a day, to favor its good assimilation. As an adult, twice a day will suffice. To facilitate this task you can use our dosing cup.

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