Lovely campaign to adopt black dogs and cats

Why are they usually the last ones to be adopted? Sadly, there is a very strong cliché around black dogs and cats that leads them to be less prone to adoption. There are several theories about the motives and there is even a name to define it, it is called “the black dog syndrome”. We think it’s crazy that black dogs and cats get a raw deal as far as adoptions are concerned. Supposedly, 4 of the reasons that determine it are:


To the naked eye, they can be aggressive and intimidating. Black color imposes, causes impact and false appearances. It is clear that the impression caused is not the same when it comes from a white or brown animal, than from a black-coloured one.


There are superstitious people who think that a black cat will bring bad luck. This happens especially with cats and the topic of superstition has been around them for decades.


There are people, with questionable morals, who are not attracted to black animals because of the fact that they can be “boring” in sight, because their facial features are not well appreciated. It is curious that black is usually associated with elegance, but in the case of animals it is different and is not associated in the same way.

Not photogenic

As we talked about in the previous point, they do not come out well in the photos due to their color and fur. Even the face does not usually come out properly in pictures and does not correspond to reality.

Due to the inconvenience that these animals have, a campaign was launched by photographer Emma Obrien, who has done an exceptional job so that these animals come out in all their splendor in careful photographs, very well taken and made with much love. To make these furry friends look like they are in reality: beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, noble and of course, beings who need and deserve to have the same opportunities as others. In addition, all the cats and dogs in this series were adopted and/or rescued and are currently in homes where they will be loved forever.

The campaign objective, which you can see by clicking here is to raise awareness in society that has not yet realized how absurd it is to choose a pet because of its color, that is, breaking down stereotypes and revealing behaviors that many do unconsciously, but who need our reflection to act in a more humane and conscious way, in general, and in this case, with our most loyal companions.

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