Lucky dogs

Lucky dogs live to eat, to give and receive love. A lucky dog ​​is an animal that has a family, a home where it feels safe and loved.

They are good animals and do not lie, their brain make their tails move inevitably when they are happy, so they cannot cheat. They do not judge people either. In fact, on many occasions they are smarter than humans, because many times we get carried away by appearances and the dog has such a sense of smell that it completely senses people. They give the love they receive or even more, that is why we have to know how to take good care of them, because they also take care of us when we need it.

When we say that a dog is lucky we refer to a dog treated with affection from the first moment. When he arrives at his new home it is vital that he be loved from the beginning. That he be educated, but always with respect, also that the new owners are interested in getting to know him well and take care of him at all times.

When you love your furry friend so much, you try, in the way you know best, to make him happy and provide everything he needs. The usual thing is to ask yourself many questions, how much should he weigh for his race? What food will suit him best? Will he like this game? Will he like this park more than the other? If you usually ask yourself this kind of questions, it’s because you want to take care of them, that they feel good and that they live happily by your side. Dogs give us back everything we do for them in the form of love, they are there whenever we need them, they listen to us and they feel the love we feel for them, but this must never be taken for granted, love must be earned and for that, we have to be very aware of their needs and very responsible with their tenure.

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