Surely you would love to get into the head of your pets and know what they think every time they relate to a new space, either to help them or simply to understand their reactions to the change. Like us, our furry friends are affected by changes, and sometimes more than we would like. It does not matter if it is a small detail such as changing the bed or something more important, such as the dreaded house moves. Dogs and cats notice it and in one way or another, it affects them, because they are used to a certain routine, care, and meals. They can get stressed if they start seeing several unknown people moving furniture.

If you are on the way to this process, then we leave you a brief guide of tips, so that you and your pet can quickly resume living in the new space easily.

· It is advisable to prepare a bag with the material that you normally use to take care of your pet: toys, brushes, food, drink, etc. It is important that you have it located at all times, and that it is not lost between the rest of the boxes and junk. Your furry friend will need it during the adventure.

·Try not to get nervous, we know how stressful moving can be sometimes. Animals perceive our emotions, so we have to be calm and try not to stress ourselves more than necessary. You have to be patient and avoid spreading your nerves and/or stress. They have to know that their new home is a completely safe area and transmit tranquility.

· The ideal for them on moving day would be to keep them in the quietest and most peaceful area of ​​the home. Maybe clear a particular room where there will not be many people interfering and it is easy to enter from time to time to see how they are. Another option that many people use that day is to leave their animal in the hands of someone they trust.

· Another factor to consider is that your furry friend arrives at the new space once it is furnished. If it is not possible due to the duration of the process, we recommend enabling a small space for them surrounded by familiar things that they recognize to facilitate their arrival as much as possible.

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