Preventing your furry pet’s diseases while you walk?

Keeping your pet’s health up to date is not an easy task, mainly because if there is no visible symptom, it may seem unnecessary to give medical tests to our furry friend and we will only follow routine checks. As a consequence of this, it may be that our pet has some disease that we are not aware of and it is vital to detect them in time.

In Paris, a new and technological system has begun to be implemented to help us ensure the health of our furry friends. This system consists of interactive signposts installed in parks, which allow us to have a urine sample tested to detect possible diseases. And you will be wondering: how does it work? What is the procedure? How do we make our pets relieve themselves right there? The answer is simple: it turns out that these signposts attract the animals with pheromones to make their urine depositions on the post, and thus be able to perform the analysis. The urine enters the interior of the tube and comes in contact with active ingredients that quickly perform the test detecting possible diseases. In case there is one, it also recommends the possible treatment or solution.

The authors of this initiative are aware that it can not and should not substitute a veterinarian, but it does provide us with information about the possible health problems that may affect our pets, since it is capable of detecting the four most common diseases that affect them: urine infections, cholesterol, diabetes and kidney problems.

A novel, effective and original system that helps us to take care of our pet’s health and, although this does not replace the rigorous health tests they must undergo at the hands of a professional veterinarian, it helps us to prevent diseases, and any precaution is good for them and for us. It is a breakthrough that has been established in Paris and hopefully can be extended to other countries.

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