Why adopting is the best option?

Nowadays, and to our great regret, it is still common to find people who impulsively acquire an animal that they end up abandoning. It is usually because they realize that caring for an animal requires a lot of responsibility and long-term commitment, and it should not be a simple whim.

Thanks to the great work carried out by different protectors, associations and shelters, adoption is becoming more visible, which is gradually raising more awareness in society and more adoption culture.

If you are still one of those who are considering purchasing an animal, we ask you to read the reasons that can make you change your mind.


They provide you with unconditional love

An adopted animal will be immensely grateful to you as you will be giving them a new opportunity, a home and a family. The bond between you will be unconditional. The animals are really grateful, and you will notice that in small gestures sharing daily life with them.


Cats also need us

The rate of cat adoption in Spain is much lower than that of dogs. In spite of the stereotypes that move around them (they survive better in the street, they have more endurance than dogs, etc…) in the shelters there are also cats that are abandoned and mistreated equally. If you give them the opportunity, they will be eternally grateful to you for adopting them. They can be really affectionate and bring you a lot of joy. If you are still hesitating, do not think twice.


Not only puppies, but also adult dogs

Why do we only want puppies? Ok, it’s great to see your furry little friend grow up, but it’s also great to give a second chance to an adult dog that needs you. It can be one of the most rewarding actions that we will carry out in our life, and the love and gratitude that we will receive in exchange will be unquantifiable.


It’s getting easier

Animal welfare associations make adoption easier and easier. Some include chips, spay/neuter and the first vaccines. On many occasions, this first push is very important for many families who are looking forward to welcoming a furry friend into their home. Find out about animal shelters near you and get know all the work they do.


It will become your best friend

One of the many good things about adoption is that it looks like love at first sight. When you go to the animal shelter and look at them, you will know that they are for you. Eventually you will end up doubting who chose who.

We must opt ​​for adoption as much as we can, furry friends need us!

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