What do dogs dream about?

Dogs, like other animals, dream like us. Their dreams can be happy but they can also be restless and unruly. Have you ever wondered if they are dreaming of something specific? The answer is yes, of course they can dream. Recently it has been scientifically proven, thanks to research by Deirdre Barrett, an evolutionary psychologist and professor at Harvard University Medical School, that dogs dream just like us.

The brain of our furry friend has a structure similar to ours, both have the MOR and REM phases, which are the states associated with sleep. According to Dr. Barrett, it is logical and usual for our dogs to dream of us and their daily experiences, just like us.

It is common for them to dream about all the new things they learn during the day and that are reinforced at sleep time. On most occasions they evoke their walks with us, the other dogs they have encountered and all the experiences they have lived that day and, as it happens to us, dreaming helps them reinforce, strengthen and manage the life experiences. Dreams can influence your faithful partner to a greater or lesser extent.

“Humans dream about things that interest them during the day, in a more visual and less logical way. There is no reason to think that animals are different. Since dogs are extremely attached to their families, it is normal for your dog to dream of your face, your smell and of pleasing or bothering you“.

In addition, they may also have nightmares. During these, dogs move their legs, ears and can even bark and cry if they are very scared.

In short, puppies are tremendously similar to us, as well as loyal and eternal life partners. Thanks to this we can share features that bring us even closer to them. Dreams are complex and unknown, but when you see your puppy sound asleep, you will know that he will be recreating all the things you have shared together throughout the day.

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