Today we have to talk about kittens and one of the things they do that may seem strange to us but actually are not. So we will try to explain. You’ve probably been watching your furry cat for years lying in the sun for a long time without wondering why they like it so much. Whether on the porch, on the window sill or under a skylight, they are always looking for the minimum ray of light to take advantage of it and lie down to rest. But … Why is this a common behaviour in cats? There are various theories about this but we will summarize it in the reasons below.

First of all, as for all living things, sunlight provides them with vitamin D which is necessary for the proper functioning of their body. Vitamin D allows all living beings to better absorb calcium and makes various systems, such as the locomotor or nervous system, work properly. But our furry friends also need a good diet as their fur prevents them from absorbing all the vitamin D they need.

Another reason is that cats, being felines, in nature would sleep during the day and hunt at night. Therefore, when we have them at home, their life rhythms change and, although they continue to spend much of the day lying down, why do they do it in the sun? Because the body temperature of mammals falls when we sleep, so we can say that the human equivalent would be to cover up.

And although the reasons we have discussed are beneficial, everything in excess is bad for them. We always have to take responsibility for our furry friends and be very attentive to possible heat strokes. This can happen to all cats, but if your feline friend is a Sphynx cat, also known as an “Egyptian cat,” you should be especially careful.

We hope you found this article interesting and that, from now on, you pay attention when your furry friends do this. You can always lie down next to them to enjoy this pleasant sensation.

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