Our furry pets do not spread covid-19. Don’t abandon them

At Bravery, as around the world, we are concerned about the Covid-19. This virus, which has put the entire world in a tight spot, is unleashing hysteria of all kinds. But there is one that especially concerns and worries us: the abandonment of dogs.

There have already been numerous cases of abandonment of dogs in Asia, Australia and, above all, in Italy since some people thought that they could spread the disease. We would like to highlight that various organizations, such as the WHO, maintain that, to date, there is no evidence that dogs can transmit COVID-19 since it is mainly spread through the droplets produced by an infected person by coughing, sneezing or talking. That is, there is no evidence to support that hypothesis. Dogs are not contagious nor can they transmit the disease, so the abandonment of our furry ones these days, as in the rest of the year, is totally unjustified.

In fact, the Royal Canine Society reminds us that, although there is a canine coronavirus, it is not the Covid-19 coronavirus and advises against the use of masks on our pets, since we will only get to stress them more.

In these moments of quarantine and confinement, our four-legged friends are, without a doubt, one of the best allies to spend time in the best possible way. Their company is the best thing that can happen to us these days. With them at home, we can play and enjoy ourselves but also take them for a walk, as it is one of the exceptions contemplated by the authorities to be able to go outside during the state of alarm that we are currently experiencing.

This should always be done in a safe manner, with only one family member going out with their furry friend and keeping a safe distance from other people. We must avoid places like dog parks or other crowded areas. Whenever possible, avoid long journeys. We must be cautious and responsible so that this difficult moment passes as quickly as possible.

To finish, we want to appeal for calm, we must stay well informed. We also recommend paying attention to the relevant authorities. Carry out the quarantine at home and go for a walk with your four-legged friends when they need it, although always in a responsible way. They are the best company for these hard times, as they always give us back the love that we give them in large quantities.

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