5 games to play with your furry friends at home

We know that it may be a difficult time due to the quarantine and the current situation in relation to the Covid-19. For this reason, we want to help you to entertain yourselves together with your furry friends with new games that perhaps you did not know. Now we are 24 hours with them and we have to find new ways to spend time together so that none of us gets bored. Although you can go for a walk with them, we must have alternatives to limit our outings to what is essential. In addition, as we have previously mentioned, we remind you that neither dogs nor cats spread Covid-19.

So … ready, set, let’s play!

Hide-and-seek with food

A very simple game with which you can have a good time and your furry friends will greatly stimulate their sense of smell. Grab a cookie or another treat that your pet likes, ask them to stay still and run to hide it. They will love it and we will have fun watching how they look for it throughout the house. You can give them clues if you see that they are very lost.

The shell game

A sniff game for your dog, perfect to sit down with your furry friend for a while and keep them very attentive. You only need a cookie or a prize and three opaque glasses or containers. You can see an example of how to do it in this video. The shell game is a very simple game that you can practice without using hardly any resources. It boosts your pets’ concentration while also stimulating their sense of smell. You will see how they get better at it and you have a great time.

Train basic tricks

Sure your furry friend has very good manners but it never hurts to train some basic tricks for a while. Sit, paw or play dead. These are the basics but you can always innovate by asking them to walk between your legs, go through some improvised obstacle or any other exercise you can think of. Now you have plenty of time to teach them how to do the trick that you always wanted them to learn but couldn’t find the time. We recommend you have a lot of patience and affection with them!

Pick up the toys

If you keep your furry friend’s toys in a box or bucket, an interesting activity may be teaching them to collect them themselves. Teach them to drop something when you ask them to and ask them to bring you a toy when you are next to the box. At that time, bring the box to them and ask them to release it. If they do it well you can give them a cookie that serves as positive reinforcement. With prizes and some repetitions, they can learn as well as have fun.

Cardboard box

Something that surely you have ever noticed if you have pets, is that they love cardboard boxes. This opens up a whole world of possibilities. The first thing to keep in mind is that we need a clean, rigid and wide enough box for our dog to fit inside. The second thing that you should take into account the placement in the home. We need to make space around it and avoid that there are many objects nearby, find the widest space in your house. Once this is done you can play by hiding toys that they will have to look for, such as getting in and out of the box to exercise them. You can also behave like another dog, hide in the box and be your friend’s best playmate.

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