Cats and dogs living together

Surely you have been asked at some point if you are a person of dogs or cats. Are you one of those people who can’t choose between the two? Then this article is for you. If you have a dog [...]


Leo is one of our most demanding clients due to his exquisite palate. He had a hard time finding a feed that he liked until Bravery Chicken came for small breed dogs. Now changing his feed is out [...]

In cats


Let us introduce you to Pikku, a very loving kitty. She has tried many feeds throughout her life but none had suited her as well as Bravery Chicken, it was love at first sight. 💘😻 Pikku and Ascen [...]

Are you able to understand your dog?

Those of us who have been very lucky in life to live with furry companions know how smart they are and how much they can surprise us. Our four-legged friends manage to understand many of the [...]

In cats


Today we have to talk about kittens and one of the things they do that may seem strange to us but actually are not. So we will try to explain. You’ve probably been watching your furry cat [...]

5 games to play with your furry friends at home

We know that it may be a difficult time due to the quarantine and the current situation in relation to the Covid-19. For this reason, we want to help you to entertain yourselves together with [...]

Among the top 10 brands

Each dog is a being in itself with its own tastes and needs, also from a nutritional point of view. So it is very important to find the best food for the needs of our furry friend and as we know, [...]


Let us introduce you to Floky, a true lover of Bravery Salmon. Maria found him in the garage of his parents’ house and since he adopted him they are inseparable  👩🏻❤️🐱 Maria and Floky had [...]

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