Cruelty Cutter, secure your purchase without animal abuse

It is difficult to rely on the procedures that certain brands and companies carry out to verify that their products are suitable and adequate for human consumption. Because of this, many brands [...]

Why adopting is the best option?

Nowadays, and to our great regret, it is still common to find people who impulsively acquire an animal that they end up abandoning. It is usually because they realize that caring for an animal [...]

Initiation manual: Puppy #Welcometothefamily

When our new best friend comes into our life we ​​will have several questions to solve. Of course it is a new situation for us and we have to be prepared, but above all we must be very willing to [...]

How does dogs’ sense of smell work?

This post is dedicated to those who want to know more about your furry friends. The dog’s sense of smell is a whole new world. From now on, after discovering this information, you will [...]

Lucky dogs

Lucky dogs live to eat, to give and receive love. A lucky dog ​​is an animal that has a family, a home where it feels safe and loved. They are good animals and do not lie, their brain make their [...]

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