Lucky dogs

Lucky dogs live to eat, to give and receive love. A lucky dog ​​is an animal that has a family, a home where it feels safe and loved. They are good animals and do not lie, their brain make their [...]

Women who fought for animals

Women have performed honorable acts since the beginning of time. Increasingly, we are all more and more concerned about animals and today it is easier to defend their rights than it was a while [...]

Obesity in our pets

To know for sure if your pet is obese, you have to see if they have fat hanging from their abdomen. If you cannot see their silhouette or you cannot easily feel their ribs, it is necessary to [...]

International Cat Day

International cat day is celebrated on February 20th, but if we start to investigate a little we will discover that there are many days in which cat day is also celebrated. Why then do we [...]


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